Babe Craves Something That Once Was


Memories came back all of a  sudden when she was in the kitchen. She almost cut her self with a  knife and all of a sudden the danger sparked a memory of how she used to have harmful sex. She and her ex in most cases do the harmless or the harmful but the problem with harmless things is that you stop thinking about them.

As she was cutting the carrots and apples she lost concentration because she has lost herself in erotic thoughts. Her breathing became irregular, she starts to breathe heavily. The memories of how she was touched came back as if she is feeling them at that moment, she reached for her pussy and starts to finger herself. Taking instructions from her own memory, He told her to cum and while she was fingering herself she started to cum. After orgasm she picked up the knife and went back to cutting the vegetables. The painful part is that she couldn’t stop thinking of him.

Flashback to her memory, she used to have hard and rough sex with him…

hard sex

rough sex

masturbation orgasm

leg shaking orgasm

cum on face