Christmas gift with its erotic stories


Christmas day comes with a lot of surprises and presents.
for this young lady it’s a lot of orgasm and dick,
as she was gifted a remote controlled sex toy by her boyfriend,
she plugs in the sex toy in deep in her pussy.
as her boyfriend repeatedly, activates it from his end making her moan and shake.
as he proceeds in the act.
she moans and shivers till she reaches her bedroom, where she unplugs the toy.
and proceeded to bless her boyfriend with a hot blowjob in the Christmas cold.
she sucked his dick like a professional.
making slurpy sounds and the gawk gawk movement was activated.
after an intense blowjob.
she bends her back exposing her pussy for her own blessing.
the doggy style she assumed, as her boyfriend slides his somewhat bent dick deep in the vaccum of her pussy making her Mona and quiver.
she sits on the bed facing him, as helifts her legs up.
facing her anteriorly.
and going deep in her as he periodically fidles with her titties.

She moans as he penetrates

Increasing his own efficiency with each thrust.

Bestowing on her a Christmas never to be forgotten .

As she was blessed with orgasm and loads of dick.