Deeper. For Scarlit Scandal Love is Never Enough


The scene opens up to a young boy playing his guitar in the balcony.

And then a young beautiful girl stark Naked, walks towards him and takes his guitar and puts it down
And then she said to him, satisfy me. And then
he rubs the tip of a breast.
With his fingers slowly to put her in the right spot for ecstasy, he touches her sensuously feeling the softness of her skins in his finger, he sluts out his dick from his trouser, and slides it in her mouth as she forcefully suck it like a vacuum, till he gasp for air and then he placed her on the wall, fuck her wet pussy face front, and then he turns her backwards, giving her intense backshots, like she has ever dreamt of, she moans uncontrollably and shivers periodically, he increases his thrust periodic, mastering her body like he mastered his guitar, balancing her on the strings of hard monstrous dick. She then placed him on the floor and ride his dick like a trained cowboy…as she works towards getting deeper and intense