Female Thieves Caught and Tortured by Store Owners


Two girls went to shop at in a fetish cloth store so they got an idea. what if they pack some extra cloths and hide them in the bag while they pay for the ones they have at hand. It seems like a perfect plan so they decided to hid the cloths in their bags while they were in the changing room. Unfortunately for them the store owner has an hidden camera in his changing room and as he decided to watch this ladies change, he only saw them stealing from him.

When they came to pay for their goods and leave, he dipped his hand into their bags and brought out some of his cloths that they were going to steal. He pulled their ears and dragged them to a secret room where he tied them up and torture them. He tied their hands to the back and a heavy rod tied to separate their legs and keep them from coming together.

Laid on their backs and their legs raised and suspended apart in the air, he lights up a candle and fuck their pussy with it then he poured hot wax from the candle on their vagina

The store owners punished them will different devices and he fucked them real hard.

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