Gently tortures dick


a young naked man is strapped to a chair, while seated on it, just before a average height woman in a black tights leather trousers and top, approaches him and goes around him to tease him, by running her palm and smooth fingers down his chest walls, and circling her hands around his nipples which makes his dick rise slightly and reddened due to increased blood flow to the tissue of his penis, he swallows and tries to move but is restrictedTried to move, but he was restricted.
By the chair he was tied to
The lady dressed in a black leather clothes. Moved right in front of him.
And began. Crawling our fingers, all over his lap.
He became aroused by these intentions.
And his dick became harder
She started rubbing the tip of his penis.
With her fingers. She added bit of oil lotion. to moisten the effect.
Which was indirectly giving the woman pleasure.
She moisten her hands with a lotion and oil.
And began to give him a hot, hand job.
She continues the hand job, fervently.
And made sure he was close to climax.
he began to moan and shiver as he was close to orgasm, she spits on his dick and jerks him off, and continues stroking his lap and chest, making him shiver and quiver.