Gorgeous Babe And Friend Detained And Disciplined For Shoplifting


  Two beautiful girls are caught in the vile act of shoplifting indicating they are best of friends, after being noticed by the security camera however they are made to seat in the waiting room awaiting judgment to be passed on them.

  However, interrogation starts, and, he asks about the whereabouts of the necklace they denied and said they were planning to pay for not stealing it.

 He conducts a cavity search on the ladies, therefore, leading to a total stripping of their clothing, as the security in-charge searches the inner part of their vagina they rebel and insist the necklace was not with them.

After a long discussion and we are opened to a scene of a deep dick sucking by both beautiful ladies, as he makes them take turns to suck his dick.

He makes them sit on each other faces as he fucks the other hard with his uniform on, and a blur on his face to hide his identity, he periodically changes their sex position to his preference exploiting them due to their fears.

Moments after intense sex he orgasms and ask each of them if they want to taste what orgasm tastes like, an opportunity they readily jumped on as each took a turn to suck his dick