sex before breakfast


Sex before breakfast.
She woke up as early as possible to prepare breakfast for a charming young man.
She just met the day before.
He affirms she looks beautiful in the morning; she says she is happy and wants to make him so happy.
She moves closer to him and strokes his dick lightly with her legs as her method of turning him on.
Before breakfast, she decides to eat his dick as an appetizer.
She kneels and gently carries out his dick which she sucks as he moans and swallows. She sucks like a professional.
And it is obvious she is still thirsty for hot sex after five hours of sex the night before.
After a deep penetrating dick in her pussy,
she bends over for hot doggy sex, which he blessed her with.
She turns Ultimately…giving him easy access to her pink fleshy pussy.
He slowly dips his colossal cock in.
As only the tip was gaining access at first.
After slowly digging deep.
He finally buries the mass of his huge cock in her.

Making her wriggle and quiver

Her gets better even though it’s tight and almost prevents easy access.
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