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Without knowing what she is getting herself to, She walked into a building after confirming the address on her paper. Then she removed her jacket and begins to walk down the hallway. She met a man well dressed in suit and then she stood naked in front of him. The gentle man walked to her and with a commanding tone he told her to get on her knees.

While she was on her knees, he too her long hair and wrapped it round her neck to choke her then she whispered into her ear “Vanity will Trap you”.

She was tied and suspended in the air allowing just on of her legs to barely touch the ground. The gentle man walks back in and dip his hand in her pussy as he fingers her aggressively  and spanked her. Finally she was untied and she unzipped him, bring out his cock and fucked it with her own mouth.

He fucked her hard and couldn’t make her to stop screaming

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